opencv with cuda 9 on Drive PX2


I just flashed PX2 today with the latest released DriveInstall. Now we have cuda9 installed on PX2. Is there any opencv compilation instruction for Tegra with cuda 9?

Or can I install both cuda 8 and 9 on PX2 and compile opencv against cuda 8?


Any news regarding this topic? We also need opencv on the drive-PX2 and like to use the most-recent DriveInstall version (
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Dear Felix,
Did you try the opencv build instructions provided at

Hello SivaRamaKrishna,
Yes, but the instructions from your link are not working (but they were working for OpenCV 3.1 with Cuda 8.0, we used your information with the drive-install version 4.1.8)

The informations on the following two links helped us and solved the problem:

Finaly, we got OpenCV up and running with Cuda 9.0 on the Drive-PX2