OpenGL experts - running CUDA OpenGL examples on intel ipgu without any special sauce

Plan: I’m building two identical CUDA workstation with 3xGTX780, and I want to use the integrated intel vga card for display purposes and leave the 3xGTX strictly for computation. Using Asus p87WS. A successful built implies that all CUDA examples including the OpenGL examples, are compiled and run as expected.

So the question is: are the OpenGL cuda examples supposed to run/display if the monitor is hooked up to the integrated intel port without any additional software besides nvidia and cuda? Yes/No?

thanks in advance


CUDA/OpenGL interop samples require that the OpenGL stack be running on a NVIDIA GPU, and, depending on how the code is written, may require the CUDA and OpenGL portions to be running on the same GPU.

Are you sure?

While improving/automating my CUDA installation process and trying out various options (runtime, deb, stripped xubuntu, ubuntu+xorg+xfce, etc), every once in a while, I was able to run the cuda openGL examples, but I was never able to duplicate the process. Originally I thought the problem was due to misconfigured/overwritten opengl lib, and followed the recommendations found on the web.

In the end I was able to get nvidia and cuda installed, not screw up opengl on the igpu and able to run glxgears succesfully, but cuda OpenGL examples would not run. All other cuda examples worked as expected. And it bugged me, because every once in a while the opengl example would run but I could never duplicate the installation process.

Now, after 300+ installation attempts I’m finally able to duplicate the process of installing Xubuntu 14.04, nvidia drivers, cuda, (from the nvidia’s deb packages) and have the OpenGL cuda examples run while the monitor is plugged into the motherboard’s integrated intel card. No special sauce, xubuntu straight out of the box, and cuda from nvidia’s repositories! Didn’t even touch xorg.conf

So now the question why do the opengl cuda examples run on intel’s igpu?

if any doubters, well, at least for now you have to take my word for it.