OpenGL speed up

Hi there,

after using CUDA to speed up the calculations of sphere radius, and positions, I’m using glutSolidSphere to represent them, but the problem is that am using a for cycle, to travel trough the array containing the information, the problem is, as bigger the array is, longer it takes to represent it in openGL, I’ve thought using parallelization to speed up this process, but I think CUDA don’t support this function from GLUT.

So if anyone, have a solution to this problem, please let me know.

So you want to draw 3d things out of CUDA kernel?

Thanks for the reply

Well the answer to your question is: I’ve no other choice, since the function that I’m using to draw the spheres isn’t (I’m not sure) a device function, so I can’t use it inside the kernel.

I’ve done this post in hope someone had a similar problem by having a array with information that will be rendered by OpenGL and could help me.

The marching cubes example is doing something similar no?