Optimal Jetson Xavier V4L2 h.264 Encoder Settings

Are there any settings that should be explicitly set/enabled to ensure optimal encoding speed on the Jetson Xavier NX h.264 encoder? Already setting the max-performance and ultra-fast preset controls. Seeing about ~8 milliseconds encode time on 1280x720 image.

There is a thorough list of available controls here but not much explanation or description about what the NVIDIA-specific controls do or whether they improve performance:

Please set poc-type=2 and try. This is suggested in
Nvv4l2h264enc latency and preset-level - #3 by DaneLLL

Please give it a try.

Thanks. Set poc-type to 2 but did not see a noticeable change in performance.

We are doing an all I-Frame encode for independent frame-by-frame analysis so that may interfere with the typical settings.

It looks like you have run in optimal mode. There may not be further enhancement for the use-case.

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