Optimizing Object Detection and Depth Calculation on Jetson Nano with YOLOv5 and RealSense: Seeking Advice on Performance and Upgrading Options

I’m using Jetson Nano(4GB Kit) for Object Detection(Yolov5) with RealSense (D435F) for depth calculation.

I will also implement Geo boundary navigation and VSLAM. Whether the Jetson Nano is suffecient or should i need to switch to ORIN Nano or any other.

When using yolov5 on Jetson Nano with Realsense, output was not smooth. Please help me with above, your thoughts and suggestions are welcomed.


Per our benchmark results, Orin Nano can achieve 69/158 fps on Yolov5m/Yolov5s.
It should give you a better performance.


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