Which pretrained model to use on Jetson Nano?

I am new to Jetson Nano. I just wanted to know which pre trained deeplearning model will give me greater than 60fps on 1400x1401 resolution image.

Kindly reply.

none that I know of because of your 1400x1401 resolution image.
ya down scale it to 640x640 and use yolov5n ya might get 60fps… not likely. Depends on the model you train for it and how many objects your trying to detect in each image.

Start reading … allot… dive down the rabbit holes. try some code.

Model size objects mAP Jetson Nano 2015 MHz
NanoDet 320x320 80 20.6 28.2 FPS
YoloFastestV2 352x352 80 24.1 38.4 FPS
YoloV2 416x416 20 19.2 10.1 FPS
YoloV3 352x352 tiny 20 16.6 17.7 FPS
YoloV4 416x416 tiny 80 21.7 11.2 FPS
YoloV4 608x608 full 80 45.3 0.7 FPS
YoloV5 640x640 small 80 22.5 4.0 FPS
YoloX 416x416 nano 80 25.8 17.6 FPS
YoloX 416x416 tiny 80 32.8 8.3 FPS
YoloX 640x640 small 80 40.5 2.6 FPS


Due to Nano’s limited resources, it’s recommended to try our TAO toolkit for some pruning mechanisms.
You can find the performance of these models on the below page:


I just want to detect only 2 objects for the time being. Yolov5 is a bigger model right? I cannot use tensorflow/tensorRt I am supposed to use only opencv.


Maybe you can try some lightweight models, ex. YOLOv3 tiny, to see if it can meet your requirement.

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