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I’d like to write about optix in my thesis. To start with it, I wanted to write somehting like “in 2006 nVidia released its ray tracing acceleration engine called Optix …”. But I could not find a real date for it. Is there any initial press anouncement or Siggraph-talk that I could reference.

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If you have a developer.nvidia.com account (free, create one at the top right corner of that page, it’s not the same as on this forum) you can scroll through the release archives you can find under the download button here:

Which leads to this direct link to the download page, login required:

At the bottom of that page you’ll see that OptiX 1.0 was released Nov 3, 2009.

A small history of GPU raytracing in videos is this:
(Wow, didn’t know that video links get embedded automatically. ;-))

2008 Whitted ray tracing on four GT200GL. Ignited work on OptiX. (I didn’t find a video from the SIGGRAPH 2008 where it was shown first.): [url]GTC 2009: Bugatti Raytracing demo - YouTube

2009 Brute force path tracing: [url]Global illumination with path tracing in OptiX - YouTube

2010 NVIDIA Design Garage Fermi launch demo: [url]- YouTube

Same thing as 64-bit version handling bigger data: [url]Design Garage for Quadro featuring NVIDIA Application Acceleration Engines - YouTube

2012 PhysX research water simulation enhanced with real-time ray tracing visualization: [url]NVIDIA Kepler real-time raytracing demo at GTC 2012 - The Verge - YouTube

Thanks a lot. That’s the date I was looking for. I also found this paper:

Parker, Bigler et al. , “OptiX: a general purpose ray tracing engine”, ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) - Proceedings of ACM SIGGRAPH 2010, Volume 29 Issue 4, July 2010 (http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=1778803)

Also relevant: OptiX - Wikipedia

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