OptixSDK: No compile error information

Recently, I tried to directly modify the optixSDK for some basic rendering. However, when I modified the .cu file and encountered an error, the compilation did not report an error but simply did not generate the .optixIR/.ptx file for that .cu file. I want to know why?

For example, i added random letters into optixHello/draw_solid_color.cu which is an obvious error. Then the compiler stop generating ‘optixHello_generated_draw_solid_color.cu.optixir’ but no error information given.

code (The random added letters are at the end of “__raygen__draw_solid_color()”):

#include <optix.h>

#include "optixHello.h"
#include <cuda/helpers.h>

extern "C" {
__constant__ Params params;

extern "C"
__global__ void __raygen__draw_solid_color()
    uint3 launch_index = optixGetLaunchIndex();
    RayGenData* rtData = (RayGenData*)optixGetSbtDataPointer();
    params.image[launch_index.y * params.image_width + launch_index.x] =
        make_color( make_float3( rtData->r, rtData->g, rtData->b ) );ewae

Hardware/Software Information:
Optix Version 7.5.0
NVIDIA-SMI 525.60.13
Driver Version: 525.60.13
CUDA Version: 12.0
Compute Capability: 80
CMake setting: Default

That sounds like this problem which has an easy fix:

It works. Thanks a lot!

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