Orin NX 16GB stuck in recovery after fusing

I just burned the fuses on my Orin NX 16gb and now it appears to be stuck in recovery mode. I am unable to flash it or even read its current fuse values.

I am using a ConnectTech Hadron carrier with P-256 PKC keys. I downloaded their BSP and confirmed the device flashed and booted before fusing.

I used the following fuse config (keys are test keys, so I’m not obscuring them):

<genericfuse MagicId="0x45535546" version="1.0.0">
    <fuse name="PublicKeyHash" size="64" value="0x59631658013f7dcde787b96e134fce2d09ea4e94d98df52102720b2e3b1ed27418266a79bcfb5e59c696c3f73ba34ec34d36eb51d670a5ca5b30243243ae575d"/>
    <fuse name="PkcPubkeyHash1" size="64" value="0x373a1bd0039db7a8bd869b802b0fdabd5852196cc9de14a48b6af785bcc9cb744c4a7317b84badc645160c6cc1c340f9ba954e8581f0b331dec4128c07b19767"/>
    <fuse name="PkcPubkeyHash2" size="64" value="0x985512fc004e139c029ff22887dbc38c61ba01ec92bffc409b33a8fa48af367b182e22cdbc79c160e826dadc2c4e701e2083a25c81404a8382526b838f8096fc"/>
    <fuse name="SecureBootKey" size="32" value="0x01b26414fe3b07644827e5b91117310f049192e346bb8a74ee04fa9917159020"/>
    <fuse name="OemK1" size="32" value="0x354592a1d206069a451006b0ea9342b48a65d04f69bc6eaffccabe67dc7938b9"/>
    <fuse name="OemK2" size="32" value="0xcb7c73d22038aea01f5035e47d861d30af92d3ec3c0fdcd3050d6e8a21f2ec74"/>
    <fuse name="BootSecurityInfo" size="4" value="0x20a"/>
    <fuse name="SecurityMode" size="4" value="0x1"/>

I used the following command to fuse. I have the Hadron BSP downloaded, hence the jetson-orin-nx-hadron target.

sudo ./odmfuse.sh -X orin-fuses.xml -i 0x23 -p jetson-orin-nx-hadron

The output from this command is at fuse-output-terminal.txt (89.1 KB)

The output from the serial terminal is at
fuse-output-serial.txt (26.7 KB)

When I try to read the fuses now, I use the command

sudo ./odmfuseread.sh -i 0x23 -k /home/etimmons/dev-pkc.pem -S /home/etimmons/dev-sbk_xml.key jetson-orin-nx-hadron

And I get the output in
fuse-read-output-terminal.txt (19.2 KB)

I get a similar ERROR: might be timeout in USB write., Error: Return value 3 when I try flashing.

What did I do wrong?

hello etimmons,

fuse should be complete, it’s reporting… Successfully burnt fuses as per fuse info.

since you’ve program the fuse, you have to re-flash the target by assign those keys.
you may see-also Topic 263458, we’ve check and confirm fuse burning, and image flashing on Orin NX with a success.
furthermore, please setup a serial console as well to gather the UART logs.

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