Orin pwm-fan

we found the fan turns very fast during bootLoader,we want to know how can we control the pwm-fan in the BootLoader,thanks

Hi lpz_thread,

Are you using the devkit or custom board for AGX Orin?
What’s your Jetpack version in use?

Please note that FAN is enabled in MB2 but there’s no public source.
You could configure pwm-fan in UEFI through following definition.

we use it on custom board with Linux R35.3.1

I don‘t know how can i configure the pwm in UEFI?where?

I’ve shared you the link with the specific line to modify the PWM_FAN_MED

I means I could not find the PWM_FAN_MED in Linux R35.3.1,I don’t know how to Compiler /Silicon/NVIDIA/Drivers/TegraPwmDxe/TegraPwmDxe.c ,and put the result where



Why you could not find it…
It’s here: edk2-nvidia/Silicon/NVIDIA/Drivers/TegraPwmDxe/TegraPwmDxe.c at r35.3.1-updates · NVIDIA/edk2-nvidia (github.com)

Please refer to the wiki to clone and build the UEFI sources with r35.3.1-updates.

thanks ,if I modify the TegraPwmDxe.c in uefi,is it affect kernel pwm-fan?

No. They are independant.

thanks ,I have already modify the pwm-fan in MB2 ,but I found there’s still a lot of speed ahead before MB2,how can i modify the uefi soure code?

How did you modify in MB2?

Please just refer to above steps to modify in UEFI source.

Yes, I have already modify the pwm-fan in UEFI source.But it also have a short period of time that the pwm-fan output high

Before UEFI stage, there’s no custom modification available to configure pwm-fan.


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