OTA for tx2

  • 1 BSP environment:
    TX2 jetpack 4.6 L4T R32.6.1 kernel 4.9 aarch64
    TX2 (p3310)

  • 2 Background: *
    we recompiled kernel, and used flash.sh to update the system.img to the target device tx2. now, we will update some apps occasionally. so how to use OTA?

  • 3 Problems: *
    according to the following picture.
    how to generate our own ota_payload_package.tar.gz. and how to set up our own ota server?

hello Henry.Lou,

please refer to L4T page, i.e. linux-tegra-r3273,
you should check [TOOLS] section and download [Jetson Platform Over-The-Air Update Tools], which is necessary tool for generating the OTA payload package.


# This script generates OTA package, which used to ota from
# R28.2/R28.3/R28.4/R32.1/R32.2/R32.3/R32.4/R32.5/R32.6/R32.7 to R32-ToT.

what does R32-ToT mean?

# OTA payload package for R32.x to R32-ToT without layout change:
# ota_payload_package.tar.gz
# OTA payload package for R32.x to R32-ToT with layout change:
# ota_payload_package.tar.gz

what does “layout change” mean?

hello Henry.Lou,

  1. ToT means top-of-tree. aka the latest release version.
  2. it depends-on your partition layout is changed or not.
    by default, these layouts are created based on the default partition layout from the released BSP. If any customization is done on the default partition layout, you must apply the customization to the intermediate partition layouts. During OTA, the update script verifies these layouts with layouts on the actual board. If the layouts do not match, OTA update does not proceed.

in my opinion, the ToT means the customized latest version? right?
and the l4t_generate_ota_package.sh can create the ToT firmware, i.e. ota_package.tar.gz. right?

by useing l4t_generate_ota_package.sh
could you give me a command line to generate no partition layout changed ota_package.tar.gz.

hello Henry.Lou,

it’s flash configure file (i.e. flash_l4t_t186.xml) to have partition layout.
if you’re using default xml file there’s no partition layout changed.

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