Our 5G NR module connect to USB 3.0 port can`t work? but USB 2.0 its ok

we use our own carrier board USB3.0 connect a 5G NR module, but it don`t work(picture1), it cannot enumerate ttyUSB devices, we have try use usb2.0 port its ok(picture2), but the 2.0 speed cannot meet our needs ,please help for this, thanks

Please share full log as text file.

Looks like another forum user shared a workaround here. Could you check if this would help?

Ill comment here since our old issue is closed and we forgot about it (the linked one above):

Note that after a more thorough investigation, the delays in kernel did not fix the problem at all. We could make this work for our specific use-case by controlling the underlying USB-hardware in a way that made it work. This was only possible due to the fact that we could create our own firmware for that USB-dongle.

Is there any more detail about what you’ve done/changed in that usb dongle firmware?

Hi,@brootux, How did you solve the problem you mentioned earlier, can you share more details?

@rico.deng @WayneWWW After updating the firmware of the 5G NR module, it can enumerate ttyUSBx normally. Latest version of 5G NR module firmware solved the problem that USB3.1 port could not be enumerated normally in some scenarios in Linux.

Can you give me the latest firmware,?
thank you!

Sorry I’m not allowed to share with you due to licensing issues, you should ask the FAE for the 5G NR module for firmware and more information.

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