OVER 3 Million CUDA Toolkit Downloads! Tell us about your work with GPUs...

It’d be interesting to see what everyone in the GPU Computing Community is doing with GPUs. Comment below and tell us about your current research and the great results you’ve had.

Also, who or what made you first aware of GPU Computing and where did you go to get started? What great resources can you recommend to other developers just getting started?

I have been working with quantum physics systems for a few years now. My first GPU work was back in 2010 for my undergraduate thesis. I implemented a Heisenberg spin chain model using Monte Carlo integration using OpenCL. It worked so well that 2 years later I started a PhD looking at coherent transport in trapped atomic systems, but this time using CUDA. For time evolving the system we saw similar performance using a single GPU to an 8 core-8 node MPI cluster implementation. If you are bored/interested then see here http://link.aps.org/doi/10.1103/PhysRevA.88.053618

More recently I have been working on Bose Einstein condensates, looking at vortex lattice behaviour in superfluids. Here is a video of the lattice creation, with the simulation performed using CUDA, and image & video generation using Python: https://youtu.be/EdhSwpsrXl8

Thanks for sharing Lee - good to hear you had great first results. How was your transition to CUDA? Any perf results you can share of CUDA 7?