overclocking Tesla C870 Is it possible?


I want to overclock my C870 card, but neither nTuner nor third-party software can detect tesla to manage it. Is anybody know how to overclock C870?

many thx!

Why not increase the bandwidth of you PCI-x16 slot on your Bios? and crank up the Voltage?

I’m not sure about the warranty of you product but its worth trying

Yes, this can increase bandwidth between device and host, but i want to increase onboard memory and GPU frequency…

Normally I say “use the omega drivers” but I don’t think the Tesla is supported. And also not CUDA support.

Maybe someone of NVIDIA can tell you how to overclock your Tesla :P

Why in the world would you want to overclock a Tesla? Nvidia has good reasons for selecting clock frequencies where they do. If you were a gamer, perhaps a slight decrease in system stability and program correctness would be a good trade off, but for commercial applications that sounds like a good way to cause yourself and your company a lot of grief.

Yes, in general you are right. But I know that my Teslas have a very good temperature condition even then they works in 24x7 mode. So I want to increase their perfomance to calculate what i need in 9 days against 10 days now :D

Of course it’s not really the point but I prefer to get maximum there it could be. Apparently I should wait for G200 :)

If you want to overclock your machine so it will only does 9 days instead of 10 days sounds fair thats a 10% increase. But are you really thinking this can be done by cranking up the frequency of your GPU?

Your kernels have to be very computational intensive and not memory intensive.

I hope it works, but I don’t think its worth it.

This sounds like a really bad idea, why risk such an expensive piece of hardware for a small performance gain which, as said, can cause inaccuracies as well. You certainly won’t get a 10% increase in performance by overclocking; more like 2%.

In your case I’d just buy some (relatively) cheap 8800GTX cards, put them in cheap systems, and build a small cluster. It’d be a lot less risky way to expand your computing capacity.