Oxford Nanopore Technologies A6000 DeepVariant models


I am writing to you because I would like to download the specific DeepVariant model to the ONT technology, which is indicated as available in Parabricks since version 4.2.0 (Accelerate Genomic Analysis for Any Sequencer with NVIDIA Parabricks v4.2 | NVIDIA Technical Blog). Unfortunately, the additional models available for A6000 gpus have not been updated since version 4.0.1-1, see following link : Parabricks Deepvariant Models | NVIDIA NGC

Can you help me ?



Since Parabricks v4.1, the model files that Parabricks Deepvariant uses are shipped within the container. If you pull the docker image and run the container, you can find all DeepVariant models here: /usr/local/parabricks/binaries/model