Parallel Direct Solvers with cuSOLVER: Batched QR

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[Note: Lung Sheng Chien from NVIDIA also contributed to this post.] A key bottleneck for most science and engineering simulations is the solution of sparse linear systems of equations, which can account for up to 95% of total simulation time. There are two types of solvers for these systems: iterative and direct solvers. Iterative solvers are…

Fantastic development -- the cuSOLVER documentation has quite some potential to be updated and corrected but the library is a great project! We are using cuSOLVER to develop a 1D / 2D / 3D particle in cell code with a sparse Poisson solver for beam dynamics and collective effects in accelerator physics here at CERN.

I want to use cuSOLVER to find the eigenvalues of a large matrix