Partial differential equations and Model predictive control (MPC) of an object swarm on CUDA Publica

Because of the huge amount of information I gathered here during the last year I wish to give something back to you.

I appended a PDF of my diploma thesis titled “Implementation of numerical algorithms on CUDA systems”. It deals with the following main topics

CUDA specific:

  • setting up a programming environment
  • some internal GPU theory
  • introduction of the C interface
  • optimizing kernels

Maths specific

  • some basics of parabolic PDEs and its discretization
  • implementation of a stabilized explicite PDE solver on CUDA
  • introduction of modelpredictive control (MPC, aka “receding horizon control”)
  • implementation of a optimal centralized swarm control on CUDA (I added an animation with x264 codec)

The work has been rated with best marks and should help some beginners to get started with cuda. Nevertheless there should be some mathematical ideas in this work that could be also interesting for experienced programmers

The disadvantage: it’s german…

Have fun!

edit: Seems like the file is too big for the nvidia forum engine. You can download it from my supervising prof. webpage:…jahn_diplom.pdf
swarm_obj64_horiz5_discr002.avi (2.13 MB)

Damn it…

to the moderators: could anyone change the topic from “differentiyl” to “differential” ?

Thanks for posting this, but unfortunately I can’t seem to download your thesis. I get as far as 2.63MB, after which the download stops (Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome). Free Download Manager just keeps on trying but also doesn’t get any further. I’ve tried this at home and university, with the same results. Is anyone else having problems? Is this also posted elsewhere on the net? I can download the video without any problems.

Thanks for the help.

Right-click on the link and choose “Save Target As…”

edit- n/m. Adobe reports “The file is damaged and cannot be repaired”…

It doesnt worke even after uploading it again… I don’t know why.

The work can also be downloaded from the WWW of the supervising prof. Check the link…jahn_diplom.pdf

Thanks very much, this link works properly.