PASCAL VOC Data Set Tools for Jetson Inference from Dark Label plus Negative Generator

Hey folks,

I have made my first github repo to share some scripts I wrote for handling the PASCAL VOC data set when preparing for training using Dusty’s Jetson Inference repo.

I used Dark Label and it is a big mess when it comes to the data set and making it useful for training. I know there are better programs out there but it is just so easy to use and works in windows straight away. having to boot up in Linux just to do labelling is annoying.

Anyway I also wrote scripts to generate and inject negatives into the data sets as well as some other label editing.

I have put it all together in an easy to use little package (I think it is easy anyway!)

Any feedback is welcome. Doing this has saved me heaps of time handling large data sets and I hope it will save you some time too.

Explanation Video:

YouTube Video

GitHub Repo:

PASCAL VOC Data Set Tools

This is my first time sharing something like this and if there is any guidelines I have not adhered to please let me know. Thank You.

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Hi @TP2049, thanks for sharing! Looks useful - I will check it out!

Moving this thread to the Jetson Projects forum so it gets more visibility there.