Payment Issues for DLI courses

I am having an issue with the payment of courses on DLI platform.

  1. Payment using non-US number
    In the payment page, the phone number section does not accept any non US phone number format (e.g. Singapore, +65 1234 5678)

  2. Payment declined

It seems like I am able to make payment via paypal for 2 courses and thereafter no transactions could go through. I have called paypal and my card issuer to verify that there was no issues on their end. I have also gotten my hands on a US number as a workaround the first issue, but the payment could not be completed as well.

This seems to have been a recurring issue (Deep Learning Institute DLI "Payment Authorization Failed").

Could anyone from the DLI team help out? Thanks.

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Is any solution you found.
I am facing same issue. I am based at Singapore