PCI Bandwidth for Hp xw 8600 workstation

Hi all,
I am having following setup :

  1. Graphics Card : NVidia 8600 GTX
  2. Workstation : Hp xw8600 (http://h18000.www1.hp.com/products/quickspecs/12849_na/12849_na.HTML)
  3. One PCI-e x16 slot : This has Graphics Card attached to it.
  4. Three PCI-e x4 slot : One of this slot is being used to attach to DVS Centarus
    Capture Card.

My problem is that my PCI-e bandwidth is very low.

I executed the ./bandwidthTest and following is the output :

Quick Mode
Host to Device Bandwidth for Pinned memory
Transfer Size (Bytes) Bandwidth(MB/s)
33554432 1502.2

Quick Mode
Device to Host Bandwidth for Pinned memory
Transfer Size (Bytes) Bandwidth(MB/s)
33554432 1481.5

Quick Mode
Device to Device Bandwidth
Transfer Size (Bytes) Bandwidth(MB/s)
33554432 28707.3

&&&& Test PASSED

Press ENTER to exit…

Can any one tell me whats the reason for this??? Should i stop some services?

I expect at least 2.5GB to 3GB from HtD and DtH.

Any guidance would be appreciable…

Thanking you all in advance.

Samir Bhatt

What is an NVidia 8600 GTX ?

Anyway, you should make sure that you’re using the latest SBIOS for the xw8600.

Thanks for the response…
I changed the bios to latest one but yet the speed remains the same.

Please provide some guideline…


What is an NVidia 8600 GTX ?

Thanks Netlama,

Sorry My mistake its “GeForce 8800 GTX”. I executed the command

#cat /proc/driver/nvidia/cards/0

Model: GeForce 8800 GTX
IRQ: 193
Video BIOS: ??.??.??.??.??
Card Type: PCI-E
DMA Size: 40 bits
DMA Mask: 0xffffffffff
Bus Location: 60.00.0

and got the above mentioned output…I want to know why Video BIOS version is not shown.

Can anybody tell me what should be the practical PCI-e bandwidth on my machine?

Where can I find Video Bios for GeForce 8800 GTX…

Please respond…