PCIe USB hub with an m.2 adaptor



I am trying to connect a 4x USB PCIe HUB via a PCIe to m.2 adapter, but the system does not recognize any storage when I connect it.

I have followed the steps in this guide but I think it is not compatible with this model because when I modify the kernel the system does not even boot. I have also tried to connect a SSD m.2 Samsung Evo, which is not recognized either.

My level in this system is low so I would appreciate if someone could help me with this issue.

Thank you very much for your time

Do you have a URL to the exact device, especially any kind of technical description or list of drivers required? Without that it is hard to say. What I’m thinking you are saying so far is that it is a USB device, plugging into the Orin Nano’s USB, and providing four PCIe slots, with an m.2 adapter somehow connected.

Thanks for the reply, the device I am using is this one (and a pcie to m.2 adapter to connect it to the Orin nano, I am not using any USBs of it):

I made it work in the Orin AGX using the guide I post before, but doesnt work on the Orin Nano.


I wasn’t aware that the Orin Nano has a PCIe slot. Are you using a third party carrier board? If so, then what it needs is the device tree being adjusted to tell the module where to find PCIe. Manufacturers of third party carrier boards will do one of these:

  • Indicate that no adjustments are needed due to the carrier board layout being an exact match to the reference board.
  • Provide a patch to the NVIDIA flash software; mostly this implies a device tree change. On rare occasions it will add a driver for some extra hardware.
  • Provide their own board support package, which is in turn just a modified version of the official NVIDIA flash software.

Device trees are more or less arguments passed to drivers to describe hardware and hardware locations which are not plug-n-play. The SoC itself has several functions which can be assigned to different pins (useful for carrier board design layout, it adds flexibility), and it is the device tree which sets up that assignment.

Thanks for the answer, no, I am not using a 3 party carried board. Also, the jetson nano doesnt have a PCIe slot, only 3 m.2 slots. I am using this adaptor to conect the PCIe hub to the jetson:

Can you provide the output of this command, once with nothing plugged into the m.2 slot, and once with both the adapter and end product in the m.2 slot: “lspci”.

Also the output for both with and without for the command “lsusb”.

Also, be sure to mention which L4T release you are using (see “head -n 1 /etc/nv_tegra_release”).

The problem was fixed by adding ASPCM=off and pcie_aspm=off to the extlinux.conf.

Thanks for the help!

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