Pedestrian detection application to boot up as soon as I switch on the board


I have a pedestrian detection application. I want this to boot up as soon as the board is turned on.
What are the steps to be followed for that?

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You may find some reference here:

Hi Andrey1984,

From the comment -

We are using CUDA, TensorRT,Camera and display - how can we run our shell script/application on ubuntu 16.04 at boot?

Any detailed stepwise procedure for this?

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I can’t answer completely, but you’ll want a virtual X server running, and the user the script runs as will need to have the DISPLAY set to this server. Additionally, if that user is not root, then the user needs to be a member of group “video” (users “ubuntu” and “nvidia” are already part of this…user “root” doesn’t need this).

Consider that use of the GPU means you need something to display to on the Jetson itself…a context. It doesn’t have to be a real display…a buffer (from the virtual X server) will do nicely. Think desktop sharing software. Unfortunately, I have no recommendations of particular servers.

Once the virtual server is available your script can work. This is an additional requirement for GPU access via script in addition to just running a script with no GPU dependencies.