Performance analysis timing

I’m trying to get used with the Performance Analysis and try to figure out how to look at timings.

I have my application running at 46ms per frame (~21 fps). In the nvreport, Under DX/Frames, both CPU and GPU at relatively giving the same timing. What sounds weird to me is the given timing, around 150ms, which is approx 6,5fps.

During the ~3 seconds of capture, the view didn’t change so I get the same ~150ms every frame in the report.

How should I understand this?



Nsight have some additional codes to inject into your run and do some analysis, hence that may bring some overhead, but that should not be such big difference between your run normally and run w/ nsight.

You should use the latest version of Nsight and if it keeps the same, we need your sample to do more detail investigation, since we had already reduce the total overhead cost in recent Nsight release.


I was profiling in remote. I’ll do the same test with the same sample locally and see if there is still a so big diff.