Performance in a dual boot environment

So I was wondering if I were to have a dual boot environment on my computer with the factory OS as Windows and the second environment as Linux, would there be a difference in the output in the Linux boot than in the Windows, and would it be a major difference.


If the question is, “Should I expect any performance difference for the same CUDA application running on identical hardware, but booted to different operating systems”, the answer is “Possibly yes”.

(1) The OS, in particular system libraries, may impact the performance of the host portion of your CUDA application.

(2) The driver architecture imposed by the OS may affect the performance of the CUDA driver. In particular, performance may be negatively affected by the default Windows WDDM driver model. On Windows, if possible, you would want to use the TCC driver model (this is only supported by selected GPUs).

It’s impossible to say what the largest performance difference you could observe for the same app across multiple OSes on the same hardware. Personally, I have seen differences up to about 10%.