Periodic Boundary Conditions

how can we create periodic boundary Condition in modulus

Hi @big4085boss

The best way is to force the inputs to be periodic. With MLP models, there is a periodicity parameter that can be used to periodic inputs for a given axis. This is done by applying a sine/cosine function on the input coordinates which then forces the prediction to be periodic. An example of this being used is in the Taylor Green Example.

If this doesn’t work and you need to use a loss function, there’s multiple ways to approach this such as using a custom node to compute the values on each boundary for the loss or even a completely custom constraint. This is a bit more involved.

how can we define boundary condition for a line (0 , 2Pi) and we want go give initial condition at 0 its is 0 and from Pi/4 to 3Pi/4 is 1 and then till 2Pi is 0.