Physx Ragdoll issue

I used 3ds max build a ragdoll and exported it, then deserialized it in physx, also added animation function to ragdoll. Now some issues appear when I want to do a demo like this. You could use mouse select a bone of the ragdoll and pull it to some places, after that release it.When I add forces to the bone selected, and pull it into air, the bone will jitter or shake inabnormal way.
Another issue is that when I used ball to hit the ragdoll, sometimes the ragdoll would crash. The bones of it would fly all over the scene.
Any advice? thanks!

If you have a drive fighting to keep two bodies connected while a very large force tries to pull them apart you might get unstable behavior. Have you tried reducing the magnitude of the forces you add?

I believe all the default physx joints have a breaking force. If they need to exert a larger force than this to hold the bodies together they instead “break” such that they never add any forces again. I guess it’s possible that hitting your ragdoll with a ball is sufficient to cause some joints to break. Consider increasing the breaking force.

I’m not sure how your ragdoll is set up. If it’s using PxArticulation then some of what I’ve described won’t apply since the constraint solving works in a completely different way.