Please suport a limited version of sr-iov for Geforce on Linux

It seems SR-IOV is the only way to share an rtx 3080 between host OS and guest VM. For those online games with anti-cheat… that technology doesn’t work in Linux.

So in order to support gaming on linux we really need to also retain the capability for windows gaming inside a guest VM. For those popular multiplayer games which just simply flat out refuse to work. The issue of anti cheat detection is not something that can be solved any other way. For games that were not developed specifically for linux. And it will take a long time to change that. By having one foot in both worlds it enables a path of transition. That simply would not exist or be possible otherwise. And the missing piece technology is SR-IOV support.

So the real question then becomes: How to permit SR-IOV feature for consumer / gaming geforce usage. Whilst also still protecting the other business use of this same technology?

The solution is:

Limit the number of instances. And also can write in some exception into the Geforce drivers EULA agreement for allowing gaming and personal use. Not for business, commercial or datacenter use.

NVIDIA: Please take the brave decision to finally enable SR-IOV support for GeForce (gamers) we can’t all be Quadro business customers. Add wording into your EULA for the nvidia drivers. This is how you can better support gaming on linux! Thank you!


One host and one VM is all I want, for running pesky games that don’t work well in WINE/Proton…

Personally, I’d be perfectly happy if the software enforced a strict limit on the host’s use of the GPU the moment a VM starts using it. Like cap the host to only using 5% of the card’s resources until the VM is no longer running, so we can still access our web browser or email client on the host, but get the GPU pass-through-like experience on the VM, and nvidia gets to keep their higher end models for people who need a more even split.


BTW There is also an online petition where many more NVIDIA customers have expressed an interest for this feature. Over 350 at the time of writing:


Very disappointing the complete lack of response from NVIDIA. After all of the time has passed. This issue is never going away. Quite the opposite. It will only ever become increasingly more important going forwards.

Here is an open message to you guys at NVIDIA, from the highest profile youtuber for Linux platform, it really would help if you guy’s started listening here:

Now we realize. there may be pushback from certain factions internally within the various business divisions of NVIDIA that are competing with each other. However as the geforce and linux branches of the company, we are relying upon you, to represent and speak uo the user base and consumer community. And make a stand and better, more well thought out case for how to go forwards. With a plan for enabling SR-IOV on a consumer level.

If you fail to communicate and make an honest and fair effort, in good faith. Then the tech press / media will continue to highlight this issue. And it increasingly puts NVIDIA into a worse position as your competitors continue to release better products. It would be better to do more, to try get ahead of this.

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