Nvidia Shield and linux

Im really excited about the nvidia shield coming out, specifically for the streaming games. The gpus required have support for linux, Steam has support for linux. But on the shield page it claims it requires windows 7/8 for game streaming. I run linux on my hardware and refuse to waste my money on a substandard operating system, so this lack of support really turns me off to the Shield, which personally i think is a breakthrough in mobile gaming technology. Are their any plans for added support in the future? or are us linux users left hung out to dry?

I’d put money on hung out to dry… ;op
Fortunately it seems likely that Valve may eventually include a streaming feature built right into Steam.
Gabe Newell has been talked about streaming publicly numerous times in the past, and has now mentioned Miracast in his list of functionality that Valve might be interested in pursuing.

So the answer is the same as usual for Linux, will “feature X” be available?
Maybe, sorta, some time. Don’t hold your breath ;O)