Shadowplay on linux?

Any chance we will get shadowplay on linux in future? I guess this has been asked many times over the years but I’ve never seen actual reply whether this is gonna happen or not.
I guess that linux gamers don’t need fancy GUI and stuff, but it would certainly help to have some form of API and/or CLI support for it.

Have you tried OBS studio? (You will need ffmpeg compiled with nvenc)

Granted it’s not as fast and easy to use as shadowplay(OBS can’t use nvidia’s private APIs NVFBC and NVFIR), but should have quite similar features.

That’s what I’m using atm, but quite frankly it would be way easier record stuff with shadowplay.

Just so I can stop worrying about not having Shadowplay on Linux, is Shadowplay as crappy as Nvenc ?
As in that it does much worse encoding then a CPU can, iaw more bandwidth needed for the same quality video ?

If shadow play is somehow more superior then OBS rendering on my FX 8370e, while using a GTX 1060 3GB, then yes please make it available on Linux.

Good to see that nobody from Nvidia reads stuff on this forum, at least now I know it is pointless to ask questions here.

Shadow play is not supported on linux, no need to cry about it.
Main selling point of shadowplay is that it constantly encodes framebuffer in VRAM and you can download footage from last N-minutes onto persistent storage when something capture-worthy happens ingame.

Sure, thing it’s superior to running OBS in bacground and wasting HDD space 99% of the time when footage isn’t “capture-worthy”. This said, you are digging an old thread.

Also, your english is pretty poor and questions passive-aggresive, no wonder nvidia devs don’t feel it’s worthy to respond. I wouldn’t If I were them.