[BUG REPORT] Using NVENC in obs decimates the performance of the game it's recording

Whenever I select the NVENC option in OBS to play games like Phantasy Start Online 2 New Genesis or Alliance of Valiant Arms, the performance of the game takes a significant hit. Sometimes even halving the framerate of the game or even worse. Windows users have indicated to me not having this problem. The one example I have is running a 3080 while I’m running a 3090ti. I’m presuming this is a driver issue.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (4.5 MB)

A shot in the dark but are you using Window Capture or Game Capture in OBS?

I’m using window capture, I don’t have a game capture. Found the plugin vkcapture, going to see what that will do for me.

Yes that is what I was going to suggest. Note that the vkcapture plugin does not work with opengl games using Nvidia at the moment.

It helped, but it’s still no where near where it needs to be.

No idea then, I would try to ask in the OBS discord or something for people with similar hardware and how their framerate is on linux