Nvidia Shield on Meta

Honestly trying to find a place to make a strong feature suggestion. An Nvidia shield ‘app’ for Meta/Steam would be an amazing feature and undoubtedly a huge hit. It could target an existing virtual cinema app or be new app offering an assortment of rooms/screens with 3d spatial audio and bring all the capabilities we love from our shield appliances as well as our shield screen. Ideally we’d be able to host a room to have a shared experience watching together with friends/family. This could be an app with a low subscription rate to give recurring revenue, adding a serial # could allow linking a physical shield to the experience to integrate DLNA, local content, etc. Shield and other controllers can pair to the headset/pc via bluetooth.

There is a huge need for this and it would bring the full featured experience of plex and all the various streaming apps at full resolution to a unified viewing experience. This would also bring the option of support for all the various advanced 3d and spatial audio experiences together.