CloudXR architecture change proposal


CloudXR is a great software, thank you for developing it. We really value the approach that provides us with the client SDK that we can integrate into our software. Also, client sample apps are very helpful.

I’d like to propose an architectural change in CloudXR that will make it possible to integrate it into an even broader range of applications.

Currently, CloudXR comes with the Server that includes the SteamVR driver. Neither of those have an SDK that developers could interact with programmatically. Here’s a simplified diagram of what CloudXR currently consists of in the context of VR streaming to an android head mounted display.

  • Red is NVIDIA’s proprietary streaming technology
  • Green is SteamVR
  • Blue is what developers have freedom to build themselves

The proposed change is to split the server side into SteamVR driver that would be provided as an open source sample and the CloudXR Server SDK that would come in a form of a DLL that would contain the NVIDIA’s proprietary streaming technology:

This would allow developers to integrate their own logic into the SteamVR driver code. In fact, the CloudXR Server SDK could work without SteamVR or within a different VR runtime like OpenXR for instance.

We’ve discussed something similar, but I don’t have any timeline as yet for if/when it might be in a release.

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