What is the recommended way to develop a CloudXR server application for AR Streaming?

We are using Unity with SteamVR plugin as our server application. However, it is drawing the skybox as background instead of sending alpha value as 0.

We want to stream CloudXR with AR content, aka we want our 3D scene blended with live camera content. What is the recommended way to send alpha value from server?

Replace OpenVR in Unity SteamVR plugin with OpenXR. Would that work?
Modify Unity SteamVR plugin to send alpha value
Use Unreal 4 instead of Unity and modify inside Unreal

We are also open for suggestions using other solutions.
Thank you.

I tried switching plugin provider from openvr to openxr based on the following thread:

OpenXR support in CloudXR?

It works but the our 3D scene is still not blended with live camera content.

I would like to change my question to:
Where do I modify my Unity SteamVR application to support AR Streaming?

Thank you

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SteamVR’s camera represents the client tablet device within your scene when streaming with CloudXR. If you’re looking to achieve a transparent background, you’ll need to set the background of the AR Camera object to be transparent. Select the Camera > Background > and make sure the alpha is set to 0. The change won’t be reflected within the scene editor, but when published the change should be reflected in your streamed app.

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It works. Thank you.

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