OpenXR support in CloudXR?

I’m currently looking at a Unity project that uses the XR Plug-in Management to support VR devices. I’ve also read that Valve is committed to phasing out OpenVR in favor of OpenXR. Will CloudXR be moving to OpenXR at any point? If so, getting this app to support CloudXR would be just a matter of clicking a checkbox in Unity.

What is the checkbox you would click? :-)

As far as I’ve understood, SteamVR should be able to act as an OpenXR driver and support XR apps. I don’t know that we’ve tried running a unity openxr app against steamvr, with a cloudxr client, to see if it all works end to end.

General OpenXR support is certainly on the longer-term roadmap, I don’t have any specifics beyond that.

This checkbox here!

Maybe we should give that a try then & see how it works with SteamVR and possibly CloudXR?

Update: It worked! It was a bit more complicated than just checking that box. But doing that, setting Steam VR as the preferred runtime, and clicking through some other incompatible settings got this app to work with CloudXR!


hey todd, can u make a tutorial teaching how to set cloudXR in unity? I’m really struggling here, thanks

I don’t know if I’ll have time to do that, but the key piece of information is to set your preferred runtime to SteamVR. See screenshot. Once you do that, there are some other Unity settings required to get the build to work, but I don’t recall what they are. I’m not 100% sure on this, but I might have had to change the scripting backend to Mono.

thanks man, this will help a lot

Which version of Unity is that? It doesn’t look like to me that OpenXR, and plug-in, is available for 2019.4+? OpenVR is available (built-in) otherwise.


That’s a 2020 version of Unity.

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Hi Dave, just wanted to follow up on this.

There are good reasons to support OpenXR on the client too, say, the Oculus Quest 2, in order to forward various OpenXR extensions all the way through to the server and into the game.

Things like hand tracking, foveated rendering, ASW, and so on, all need to be plugged into the game through OpenXR, so I’d like to know if there’s an ETA on your support for it. OVR API is getting long in the tooth, really.

OpenXR client is on the roadmap, but no particular ETA. Clearly we’d love to not need to maintain per-manufacturer clients.

Note that I think one vendor (might be Pico) implemented their own CXR client, and I think they used OpenXR as the basis. So that may be worth a look if you need a shorter term solution (assuming it is reasonably portable, and non-restrictive license…).