CloudXR SDK Plugin for Unity - where can it be downloaded?

At GTC23 Andrew Wilson held a talk on “Building CloudXR Client Applications Quickly with Unity”, available here:

Is the plugin (that he talks about in the video at 34:50) available somewhere? If so, how can I get it?

If it isn’t, are there some plans or estimates on when it becomes available?

I do have access to regular CloudXR SDK, and I can’t see Unity specific files in those downloads.


+1 on this. I’ve been building my own version of this with mixed success before I found out Nvidia was making this and would much prefer to move on to other things and wait for an official version, do we have an ETA?

+1 looking for the unity plugin to get started!

The release of the CloudXR Client Unity Plug-in is very close. Timeframe is mid-Sept.


Has the CloudXR Client Unity Plug-in been released yet?

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Any new tentative release date?


Any new tentative release date?

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Yesterday it was released on the Developer Zone portal.

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