Dialed Into 5G: NVIDIA CloudXR 4.0 Brings Enhanced Flexibility and Scalability for XR Deployment

Originally published at: https://developer.nvidia.com/blog/dialed-into-5g-cloudxr-4-0-brings-enhanced-flexibility-and-scalability-for-xr-deployment/

At GTC 2023, NVIDIA announced the latest release of NVIDIA CloudXR that enables you to customize this SDK for your applications and customers, and scale extended reality (XR) deployment across the cloud, 5G Mobile Compute Edge (MEC), and corporate networks. NVIDIA CloudXR 4.0 introduces new APIs that deliver enhanced flexibility for server and client application…

I don’t see any mention of Unreal in the article. I know CloudXR will still support the SteamVR/OpenXR implementaion but if we want to use custom built server are we then forced to use Unity?

Hi Malsim,

In short, no.

The Unity Plug-in refers to the CloudXR client side. The server side will work with any software that is OpenVR/OpenXR conformant.