Announcing CloudXR 4.0 & CloudXR Client Plugin for Unity beta

We are extremely excited to announce the latest CloudXR Suite release: The CloudXR Core version 4.0 and the new CloudXR Client Additions with the Client Unity Plugin beta. The goal of CloudXR has been to enable you, our developers, to build and deliver full-fidelity streaming experiences across all networks (WAN, LAN, and 5G), to various XR: AR, VR, and MR devices, from anywhere on the globe. These updates move the CloudXR Suite towards the flexibility developers have been asking for. There’s still more work to do on fully realizing this objective, but CloudXR Core 4.0 and the CloudXR Client Unity Plugin beta take a big step forward.

Some highlights for CloudXR Core 4.0 include a new input API enabling developers to specify your inputs before connecting to a server. This makes it easier to build streaming clients for new devices yet to appear, plus explore non-controller inputs more easily as inputs to XR streams.

We’ve also included support for the cutting-edge Quality of Service technology L4S (not to be confused with GPUs named L40S). Networks that support L4S are becoming a part of 5G infrastructure where network stability isn’t always guaranteed. By supporting L4S within CloudXR, rich content like XR streaming can use a preferred queue across public and private networks to deliver continued high performance. Internal test results of CloudXR streams that utilize L4S vs standard 5G streaming have shown substantial improvement in delivered network packets from various states of network health.

And last, but certainly not least, we’ve launched the beta release (0.1.0) of the CloudXR Client Plugin for Unity. This purpose-built plugin enables Unity developers an easier way to start building CloudXR VR clients within the Unity Engine for OpenXR devices. We anticipate developers who have Unity experience embracing this to create client connection lobbies using familiar Unity tools.

We continue to believe streaming XR from private and public hosted infrastructure is critical in unlocking full-fidelity experiences for any device anywhere in the world. As stated before, there’s much more work to do and we’ll be listening to your feedback, but for now we’re happy to celebrate this release and can’t wait to see what you build.