When can we expect CloudXR 3.3?

From all the time that has passed since the last release of CloudXR (3.2 in May 2022) it seems like not much investment is being made from NVIDIAs side towards this platform. The RT-Core availability of datacenter GPU instances from the likes of Google, AWS and Microsoft isnt stellar yet, so for our purposes we have to invest in our own physical servers and we have to make custom ideosyncratic arrangements with a local 5G telco in the Nordics to run CloudXR over 5G. So both NVIDIAs own CloudXR platform development and the and the foundational gpu compute + 5G infrastructure is immature at this point. Are there any signs things could start to ramp up any time soon?


I don’t know what public announcements have been made, but there has been a LOT of investment in CloudXR since 3.2. I checked and there are some talks scheduled for GTC 2023 in March that discuss different aspects of our development efforts.

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On March 22nd I see on GTC there are a few talks about CloudXR 4.0.

That’s great, I hope it’s released during GTC or soon after, as 3.2 is simply not competitive image-quality-wise with competing streaming solutions (like Virtual Desktop).

It seems there is a new server interface that will make it easier to extend functionality. I hope this includes OpenXR support in the client, server, or both. Or even bypassing the SteamVR dependency entirely. But using api layers in OpenXR could be a good solution to add support for things like foveated rendering on Quest Pro, which you can do with OpenXR Toolkit now via api layers.

I hope at least 4.0 lets you run Quest 2 at 120 Hz and fix the myriad stability and image quality bugs we’ve reported since last year when 3.2 came out. But the server extensibility seems very promising indeed. I think this forum’s going to get very busy after March 22.