CloudXR 3.0 time scales?

Hi - seems like the next version of cloudXR is on the way - version 3.0. Was wondering when we’d be likely to start testing it, and to see if the quality of the stream has improved when running on quest 2 (neo 3 when its available)

Any update on time scales for releasing v3? comparing the quality of cloudxr to something like the airlink - there is a way to go, or better/fine grained performance settings should be enabled. I think the main issue is the stream bandwidth which cannot be changed (airlink ~100Mbps, cloudxr ~20Mbps)

I got an email 20 minutes ago saying “NVIDIA CloudXR 3.0 is now available”, but the download link still goes to v2.1.

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Judging by @GJones-NVIDIA-XR-Team’s recent post I imagine it’s been uploaded but the change hasn’t deployed to the site yet

Hi @todd1 - The link is working for us. Please do check again and if you are still seeing the same issue please contact me @



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It’s up for me now! @Veronica_NVIDIA

Highlight for me is microphone input, awesome news

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It is up for me now as well. Thanks!

all good from me as well - will give it a test tonight

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