Streaming quality dropped since version 1.2

Hi, I am using CloudXR with Quest 1 streaming over WiFi 5.
I’ve noticed significant reduction in the streaming quality after upgrading from CXR 1.2 to 2.0. Version 2.1 doesn’t improve anything.

Looking at network usage in task manager shows that the streaming bitrate was halved
~30 Mbps in CXR 1.2
~15 Mbps in CXR 2.0

In my test procedure I am using same PC, Access Point and the same headset. The only thing changing is CloudXR version.

Can anyone offer an explanation?
Do other forum users also see this problem?

Other applications like Virtual Desktop, Airlink and ALVR offer control over the bitrate used.
Using the same setup I have no issues using Virtual Desktop and bitrate of 90Mbps with imperceptible latency and much better quality than CloudXR.

It would be great if NVIDIA exposed control over streaming bitrate to developers. It’s a very promising piece of software that we’d like to use in our product. We just can’t get the streaming quality to an acceptable level.

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Nvida optimize the bandwidth using after 2.0 I think, did you see actually reduced video quality?
I mean bandwidth using is not really means the video quality is dropped, unless if you find it dropped.

During my experience 15~30 MBPS(varies because H265 video dynamically compressing data during transfer) with CloudXR 2.1 is suffcient for 72hz rendering on quest 2.

we see a big resolution drop,like Half the previously fullHD, not a codec compression issue
and set CloudXR option device file to res 1.0 will not really change the res.

Moving from CXR 1.0 to CXR 2.1 my frame rates have drop from fps = 89 to fps = 6 - 15
I am using wifi 5 and my bitrate is 4.1mbps as opposed to 25mbps with CXR1.0.

I would encourage everyone to give 3.0 a test in the same situations and am very interested to hear the results. Thanks - Greg

Things are looking a lot better in 3.0.
Image quality is better and I am seeing better network utilization - around 80Mbps on Quest 1 and wifi 5.
Big Thanks NVIDIA!

Thanks for the comment Zee!