Quest Pro support?

Hello everyone

We have purchased a Meta Quest Pro and tried our CloudXR client on it - we are getting a lot of compression artifacts, no matter how good our internet connection and wifi signals are. Is the Quest Pro not yet fully supported by CloudXR?



Bumping this after 7 days, I am not sure how the silence is to be understood on this topic. Has development on CloudXR halted? Should we start evaluating other options?

Apologies, the forum is not full-time staffed, and the engineering team has been in a crunch the past month.

I know someone internal obtained a QPro, and said the client was running fine. It would help to start with seeing basic client/server log files from a ‘bad run’, and a description of the server and lan setup. If that’s insufficient, we might need a full ETL dump, as that will extensively capture network state during a session.

One suggestion is make sure you are running the client with foveation enabled. I typically start with -f 50, which is rather aggressive, and then you can back off say 10 at a time, or 5, until you reach a reasonable-to-you middle ground. But -f 50 is our ‘default’ recommendation.

Compression artifacts will be a combination of estimated (and actual) bandwidth, network quality (frame drops, etc.), and requested stream resolution. Foveation helps with higher-res streams to deliver a lower bw frame, and allow more compressed bits focused on the center of the view.