Quest Pro support?

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We have purchased a Meta Quest Pro and tried our CloudXR client on it - we are getting a lot of compression artifacts, no matter how good our internet connection and wifi signals are. Is the Quest Pro not yet fully supported by CloudXR?



Bumping this after 7 days, I am not sure how the silence is to be understood on this topic. Has development on CloudXR halted? Should we start evaluating other options?

Apologies, the forum is not full-time staffed, and the engineering team has been in a crunch the past month.

I know someone internal obtained a QPro, and said the client was running fine. It would help to start with seeing basic client/server log files from a ‘bad run’, and a description of the server and lan setup. If that’s insufficient, we might need a full ETL dump, as that will extensively capture network state during a session.

One suggestion is make sure you are running the client with foveation enabled. I typically start with -f 50, which is rather aggressive, and then you can back off say 10 at a time, or 5, until you reach a reasonable-to-you middle ground. But -f 50 is our ‘default’ recommendation.

Compression artifacts will be a combination of estimated (and actual) bandwidth, network quality (frame drops, etc.), and requested stream resolution. Foveation helps with higher-res streams to deliver a lower bw frame, and allow more compressed bits focused on the center of the view.

I haven’t had a chance to try to load up the ETLs to get down to the nitty gritty of things, but it’s clear from the logs the Q2 has a great wifi connection, and the Pro has an ‘iffy at best’ connection. The lines from the Streamer Server Logs that indicate networking issues are:

Sent QoS info: stream: 1, client Q-score 90, RTD 32, scores(100, 100, 90)

Sent QoS info: stream: 0, client Q-score 59, RTD 61, scores(56, 100, 77)

So Pro actually dropped resolution, and I can’t see it here but likely is running much lower bitrate as well due to connection quality.

I’ll note we’ve seen another ‘modern’ HMD whose wifi itself (antenna placement, interference, whatever) is clearly inferior to Q2, the two device in exact same environment, Q2 is fine, the other one is just struggling with wifi. I would hope the Pro would have better wifi connectivity than Q2. Are they on same wifi, same band, etc.?

I’d need to pull up the ETLs to really see what they say about the lower level networking details, and don’t have cycles atm. Will see if anyone else on team does, just to try and give you a hint, a direction to try heading next.

Thank you @tegradave this little hint already gives us some direction. We will investigate WiFi further, we‘ve also stumbled upon this:

The WiFis we‘ve tried have dynamic frequencies, band-steering was only enabled in one of them though (with same results). We‘ll check if disabling DFS helps and report back.

I have re-tested today with DFS and without DFS with way better results - (un-)fortunately in both scenarios. At the same time, Meta has issued an update last week which is installed on my Pro which might have fixed it. At this point I cannot say what and if it is fixed, but this is the first time I have a sharp image on the Pro. Thank you for the hint @tegradave !

Edit: Deleted post containing screen recordings, logs for reference are
Quest Pro (w artifacts): (2.6 MB)
Quest 2 (without artifacts): (2.2 MB)

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