Blurred Lines Quest 3


I would like to exchange a bit about this problem with CloudXR that we usually get those blurred lines, I think in the know issues for the Unity Plugin it is described as: “Vertical banding distortion: some or all platforms exhibit a “blurriness” in the form of 6-10 regularly spaced vertical bands of distortion”. On Quest 3 I get those lines vertical and horizontal.

For Quest 2 the situation was a bit different, I think I got the lines there only in one direction, and actually after adding foveation plus setting the frame rate to 90 they were completely gone. This was with CloudXR 3.2. Now if under CloudXR 3.2 I do the same with a Quest 3, as soon as I set the frames to 90 which activates this AImageReader Decoder the whole image is always flipped upside down. Only tweaking foveation did not remove the lines for me.

In the tests with CloudXR 4.0 we got so far we did not see any difference, there the AImgeReader Decoder is not activated by default so the lines stay there also if we set frames to 90, if we activate it manually we also get the flipped upside down image. There are other things blocking us from going to 4.0 but I wanted to check at least if that gets better in 4.0 somehow.

Was anybody more successful in getting those lines out of the image?