CloudXR 3.0 - Quest 2 not connecting

Hi - we have had a lot of success with connecting a Quest 1 (software v37) via CloudXR 3.0 to a local workstation over wifi (5gHz). Nice stable, connection no failures. SteamVR (v1.21.7) runs as expected and applications stream to the Quest 1 headset. This is using the Game Ready Nvidia drivers 511.23 on a RTX 2080.

We have tried to migrate over to the Quest 2. We have implemented the same setup on 2no. Quest 2 and we can not achieve a connection to the same CloudXR server setup. The Quest to are also using software v37, the rest of the setup remains unchanged. We wondered if it was a hardware issue - but we have the same errors across both Quest 2 units.

Is this a known Quest 2 issue?


There is no issue with the quest 2.

The quick things would be:

  • firewall issues hitting Q2 for some reason
  • launch options missing/different on Q2
  • client/server version mismatch.

Would need to take a look at client and server logs and see if something jumps out. Those three certainly all show in some form in the logs.