CloudXR 3.1 AWS AMI can't connect to server, "plug in HMD"

followed the steps in installing steamvr first, then the server sdk, then the client sdk on my pc. I’m using oculus quest 2 linked via air link. but the cloudremotexrhmd doesn’t seem to display “CXR” in steamvr. I attached my log file
CloudXR Client Log 2021-12-09 00.41.39.txt (1.1 KB)

A few things.

  1. when you run into issues (anyone reading this!), please post both pairs of client and server logs, as often something will be indicated in one of the four that isn’t in the other three.
  2. the attached client log indicates client 3.0, not 3.1. You need to make sure both client and server are 3.1.
  3. I don’t believe we have tested/certified using quest2 over airlink as a windows HMD to CloudXR Server. So while I can’t say it won’t work (as it’s pretty generic code for the windows client), the optimal approach is to run the oculus vr client directly on the quest2 talking to the server without another PC involved (cloudxr and airlink are semi-competitive technologies).


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