Connection issue but unsure where to start (client log included)

When starting CloudXR from my Quest 2 I get a black screen with a white spinner. After a few seconds it returns to Oculus Home. Inspected the serverlog but that didn’t look suspicious. Client log had more to say - what I gather from it: connection issues. I include the log below as the documented troubleshooting steps were taken. Thanks for any insight.
Streamer Client Log 2022-06-16 21.20.08.txt (16.3 KB)

(M)[2022-06-16 19:20:21,783]=21:20:21=*00000*{491408547152}&3A88C485&<ClientSession>    Failed to create RTSP connection with error 0X80082190
(E)[2022-06-16 19:20:21,783]=21:20:21=*00000*{491408547152}&4F09C3BB&<ClientLibraryWra> Could not create initial streaming connection : 0x80082190
(I)[2022-06-16 19:20:21,783]=21:20:21=*00000*{491408547152}&78EE235F&<ClientLibraryWra> Disconnection reason is set to: 0x80082190

That looks like a connection issue. I have checked firewall rules and they seem ok. I can ping my client, I am however unable to ping the virtual machine.

Also in client log

[10:22:58] Streamer state error. (1: 0), reason: 0x80082190
[10:22:58] Stream Client - connecting to failed (0x80082190).
[10:22:58] ConnectCommon failed, reason : Could not establish a connection to the server [cxrError_Could_Not_Connect_To_Server]

Checked firewall on server, security groups on AWS EC2 and everything is set correctly. Client and server can ping each other fine. Disabling the server firewall changed nothing. Time to give up before even establishing a connection?

Still trying other ways and reading about more users experiencing connection issues. I found that the EC2 instance uses CloudXR 2.1 whereas the SDK is now on 3.1.x. MIght this be causing issues? If so, how to resolve (I seem to read that this newer version is not supported on g4 instances and see no mention of inline upgrading). Documentation seems sparse - and so is support.

Ok, uninstalled the default 2.1 and installed the latest 3.1 version. And then it worked flawlessly. You might want to update documentation as this was not the OOBE I was hoping for. Thanks.

Hi, we’ve made updates to AWS about a month ago that deprecate older builds of CloudXR. Strongly recommend using the latest (3.2 at this time) and ensure client versions are also the same version of the server.