CloudXR Client app (Oculus Quest) crashes after circular loading screen

I have hosted the Cloud XR Server in EC2 G4 instance by following the steps mentioned in the below link.

I have also built a Cloud XR client app using the sample provided in CloudXR SDK using the following documentation.

On launching the client app, as mentioned in Miscellaneous Features — NVIDIA CloudXR SDK documentation, I see the circular loading and the app closes landing me in oculus home scene.

Can someone please guide me on what could be wrong here ?

Normally this indicates a network problem as the clients provided are purely developer samples and do not include UI elements. You can find more information about errors by consulting the logs as described here: Questions, Comments, and Bugs — NVIDIA CloudXR SDK documentation. After reviewing it should provide a clue of the specific network problem you’re encountering.

Hi wcannady,
Thank you very much for your reply. As suggested, I have retrieved the log file from the client. But can’t seem to identify the issue. Any insights would be helpful.

Streamer Client Log 2023-11-14 15.48.30.txt (16.2 KB)

The log mentions the initial RTSP handshake wasn’t successful. Do you have your security group properly configured on the instance to allow the necessary ports? CloudXR Network Setup — NVIDIA CloudXR SDK documentation

Also, for any debugging requests, we generally recommend you send all four logs up front (client app, streamer client, server app, streamer server). The logging ‘surface’ coverage varies across the app log and streamer log.

But as will says, initial indication is it requests a connection, and the server hangs up on it:

(I)[2023-11-14 10:18:44,466]=15:48:44=03002{524097988976}&95A40EB7& RTSP Options: response: 0 - 501 : HTTP/1.1 501 Not Implemented
Connection: Close

If we’re getting a ‘true’ 501 back from the server, first inclination is a permissions issue. Because you are reaching the server, it’s just rejecting the connection. The two server logs MIGHT give a slightly better view, but I’d start with Will’s suggestion.

Thanks wcannady and tegradave. I will check the logs from both sides as you have suggested.