CloudXR - some computers give extended black screen?

that’s all-- no rhyme or reason to why it happens on some computers but not others. SteamVR doesn’t seem to be recognizing CloudXR is trying to make a connection on those computers.

noticed that when I get that extended black screen I see this in the log:

(I)[2021-12-03 04:50:23,-1388496544]=638:00:23={18446744072321061424}<NvSocketUdp>      UDP Socket is now configured as exclusive.
(E)[2021-12-03 04:50:23,047]=638:00:23={18446744072321061424}<NvNetworkCommon>  Socket Bind: failed to bind socket 194 to ... (Error: 98)
(E)[2021-12-03 04:50:23,2067608370]=638:00:23={18446744072321061424}<ClientSession>    ClientSession: no available port in range: 50000-55000 (Error: 0x8000000B)
(E)[2021-12-03 04:50:23,1869488186]=638:00:23={18446744072321061424}<ClientSession>    clientPorts.useReserved: Failed to create a bound VIDEO stream on ....

Usually such things are related to firewall/network settings. But the log snippet above clearly shows it cannot bind a network port. That seems very odd, as if there was some permission issue with the network adapter, or a security app that is locking down ports.

I’m also curious if the ports are already in use. That range is pretty popular for any videoconferencing service (Teams, Zoom, Skype, etc). I’d try running a series netstats to hunt down if this is what’s going on: Scan Open Ports in Windows: A Quick Guide

I figured out the problem was due to using the 3.0 sample app with computers where 3.1 was installed and/or where the exe installation did not open all the needed ports.

Great, thanks for letting us know!

Yes, we’re hoping to have much better notification of exiting due to version differences in another release.

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