How to set server IP in Quest 2 CloudXR client?


Trying to use CloudXR on my Quest 2.
Could sideload the demo app APK and have the server running on my VR PC.
Creatded the CloudXRLaunchOptions.txt with the -s

There is no sdcard slot that I know of on the Quest 2
Uploaded it via AndroidFileTransfer in /Android/obb/com.nvidia.cloudxr.ovr
Uploaded it via AndroidFileTransfer in /Android/data/com.nvidia.cloudxr.ovr
Uploaded it via AndroidFileTransfer in a folder /sdcard/

Launch SteamVR, launch the Quest client, and… nothing.
What did I do wrong ?


Perhaps a dumb question but is the computers local IP, and are they connected to the same network?

Not dumb, always check
And yes, it’s the server IP.
And yes, I tried with a regular CloudXR client (Win 10 openVR).
It really is a question of how to set the server address.

/sdcard is where you’re meant to put it (while there’s no SD Card on the Quest, that’s basically the data folder for the Quest)

adb push CloudXRLaunchOptions.txt /sdcard/CloudXRLaunchOptions.txt

If it still doesn’t connect I would suggest watching adb logcat

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This is what I did using Android File Tranfer on my Mac
Something must be wrong, but what ?
File format, file authorisations, end-of-line ?
Any idea ?

I have to install Android tools to use ADB
Will update the thread when done.

Installed Android Studio, running ADB
adb push CloudXRLaunchOptions.txt /sdcard/CloudXRLaunchOptions.txt
it pushes the file into the root folder as if If pushed to /CloudXRLaunchOptions.txt
(as I can see via Android File Transfer)
Even making a sdcard folder does not help.