Issue with building OculusVR (CloudXR Client) in andriod studio


I’m having issue with building .apk using android studio as mentioned in the official documentation. I followed the required steps but not able to build out the apk. I’m attaching the screenshot for the error, I’m by no means a developer so any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have A questions regarding what’s mentioned in the official documentation
{sdk-root-folder}\Sample\Android\OculusVR\app\libs There is no such location for me when I downloaded the SDK. The above folder only reside within Client\Sample\Android\OculusVR\app\libs. Is this the correct folder for this or do I need to make new one and move things from client folder to new sample folder. The reason I’m asking is because in later step {sdk-root-folder}\Client\Lib\Android this folder is mentioned which seems separate from the sample folder.

So I managed to build the apk. I installed it to the headset (Quest2). The question I have is as per documentation, it says that I need to build and run inside unity. For that to happen the headset needs to be connected with wire and unity build and run the apk directly in the quest 2. So how do I use the cloudXR for streaming then. Clicking on the cloudXR client app does nothing. It’s very confusing. Would be great to get some clarity around it if possible.

unity sample and the native sample are two completely separate things.

You should be looking at these two places in the doc for next steps: