CloudXR 4.0 AndroidVR build fails

Hi Team,

Installed 4.0 today on a cloud instance with no issues however having some dramas building the relevant apk.
I had success yesterday following the documentation for 3.2 and everything is working great there.

Is there any documentation available on requirements for 4.0? I suspect i need a different NDK?
Error below from Android Studio:

executing external native build for ndkBuild C:\Admin\CloudXR4\app\src\main\jni\
Affected Modules: app

Thanks in advance for an pointers!

I fixed the build of the OVR sample in my repo.

Just open this up in Android Studio:

NB There are prebuilt APKs in there too.

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Apologies for the late response, the team has been heads-down for GTC demos.

Docs are all online. If you are asking about the OVR sample, it is at:

Yes, there are specific sdk+tool requirements. Some you should be able to work around, with a bit of effort. I’m confused you were able to get 3.2 built but not 4.0… We may have moved things forward a little, but you should be getting clearer errors. The line above is status, I don’t know what error you might have gotten afterwards.

You can also try to build with gradle from the cmdline if Android Studio isn’t exposing enough build state info.

Thanks very much.

Our project is on hold currently so I have not spent anymore time on 4.0 since 3.2 is working fine. I will revisit this once we start up again. Thanks for your response!